Lyra Romendling

A team of scientists created Lyra (“Alpha L”) as an “android as humanlike as possible”. They created many features for her in order to make her appear more and more like a real person. When they had just finished their most complicated project called “Kokoro” (a software developed to make robots feel emotions) the laboratory had to be closed for unknown reasons. But one scientist who lived not far from the the laboratory returned to it and installed the “Kokoro”-software on Lyra. He brought her to his home in a small village where nobody else had ever heard of robots or androids and introduced her to his wife. He told her he had found her in the forest (where the laboratory was) and that she couldn’t remember where she came from… Because the scientist’s wife couldn’t find a family missing a girl, she decided to take care of the girl her husband named “Lyra” until her real parents would contact them. But many weeks, months and years passed so Lyra became a family member. She grew up like a real girl with her two brothers. Also, and this was the scientist’s reason to steal her from the laboratory, the family always wanted to have a daughter. Lyra loves singing with her older “brother” Luke and eating apples, even though she doesn’t need to eat because she’s a robot

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